A Thank You Post:-)

Thank you Emma (bookgeeking ) from https://bookgeeking.wordpress.com for following my blog. It’s not as interessing as yours but I hope we can share our love for books. Her dream is to become a professional writer. And from what I’ve read so far in her blog, she knows her way with words. She tries to write about a different book every day. If you are a passionate reader, don’t miss her blog https://bookgeeking.wordpress.com

My second Thank you for following my blog:-) is for Violeta Dyli (bukurie). She is a talented photographer. If you love visual arts and poetry, go check her blogs http://www.violetadyliphotographer.com and https://violetadyliopinionistapercaso2.wordpress.com

And my last Thank you for following my blog:-) is for my most recent follower, Truly, the eteranal optimist as she calls herself. I love her sense of humour. It’s so unusual but in a good way. She is also a talented writer. You can enjoy her humour here https://trulyunplugged.com